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School Safety




Some remarks from Mr. Chilman from the Never Again assembly


Students have come to us with anxiety or concerns about the tragedy in Florida.  As most of you are aware, there have been several of these incidents around the nation since Jan. 1st and I think with this last one folks are starting to get a little on edge.

Folks, this is a big, complicated issue that has a ton of parts and many things that are out of our control but we can control a few things and that is what I want to talk about for just a few moments so please, please, please listen. Hear what I am saying to you.

Look around the room, go ahead and look around this room. Look right, and look into that person eyes, look left, look into the person eyes. Look at the person in front of you, turn around and look at the person behind you, look into their eyes. Folks we must value life. These are our friends and classmates our teachers in some cases our family.

We must stop the violence once and for all. Join the Parkland, Florida students.  Unite against violence. Value life, Value each other. Value your education for a better life. Value your friends and classmates. Value your family and your faith whatever it may be. Never Again, Never Again, Never Again.

We are all Aggies

          We help each other

We encourage one another

We care about each other.

If you need any kind of help please seek out an adult and if they can't help you themselves, we will find someone to help you somehow, some way. I promise you that.


Remember the OK 2 Say program -- there is info on our website. If you see something say something. If you read something say something, if you hear something say something. Speak up and help yourself and each other. Someone will listen.

Listen to the things your mother has said to you since you were little.

If you don't have anything nice to say then please don't say anything at all.

Nice matters.

Treat people like you want to be treated, show respect to get respect....and the list goes on and on.


We simply need a reminder that we as people CANNOT continue to treat each other in this callous manner anymore. Again -- Aggies care about each other, Aggies help each other, Aggies encourage each other.

If you are a student and you come to this school to learn you can do that and know someone here cares about you and respects you. If you are a teacher and you come to this school to teach know you can do that and feel respected by students who also care about you.

I have a letter here from the superintendents of the Gratiot-Isabella RESD that is a collective response to the violence happening in our schools and communities. Please take this home to your parents and have a conversation with them about our conversation here today. Again this info will be on our school website and in the Aggie Express.