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Beal City Public Schools


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Roles and Responsibilities



  • The board is composed of community members who are elected to either 4 year or 6 year terms.
  • The board shall observe and enforce the rules and regulations of the Michigan Department of Education affecting the operation and maintenance of a general powers school district.
  • The board shall make reasonable bylaws, policies, and regulations relative to anything necessary for the proper establishment, maintenance, management and carrying on of the public schools of the district.  This includes policies and regulations relative to the academic achievement as well as the conduct of students while in attendance at school, or in route to and from school.
  • The board shall act as a legislative body and shall appraise the work and programs of the district.
  • The board has expressed, implied and incidental powers as provided for in the Revised School Code and by the Constitution and Statutes of the State of Michigan.


  • Attend one regular meeting monthly, as well as many special meetings, study sessions, and committee meetings throughout the year.
  • Attend as many school events as possible to each year to network and build relationships with student, parents, staff, and community members.
  • Participate in professional development to grow their knowledge of educational issues, their roles and responsibilities.
  • President: Chairs the meetings and is responsible for committee appointments
  • Vice President:  Chairs the meetings in the absence of the President
  • Secretary:  Receives correspondence from the community and takes the minutes of meetings
  • Treasurer: Chairs the finance committee
  • Trustees: Supports all other Board functions and sits on various committees


Some of the board's most important legal functions fall into the following categories:
Legislative or Policy Making

  1. development of bylaws and policy
  2. employment of a superintendent who shall carry out the board’s policies through the development & implementation of regulations

Educational Planning & Appraisal

  1. acquiring and requiring reliable information from responsible sources which shall enable it to make the best possible decisions about the scope and nature of the educational program, provided the board is responsible for requiring appraisals of student results of the educational program

Staffing & Appraisal

  1. employing a superintendent of schools and the staff necessary for carrying out the instructional program
  2. establishing salaries and salary schedules and other terms and conditions of employment
  3. establishing personnel policies district-wide in application
  4. appraising the effectiveness of its staff by providing for a system of regular evaluations

Financial Resources

  1. adopting a budget that will provide the financial basis for buildings, staff, materials and equipment which will enable the district to carry out the educational program
  2. exercising control over the finances of the district to assure proper use of, and accounting for, all district funds

School Facilities

  1. determining school-housing needs and communicating these needs to the community
  2. purchasing and disposing of properties
  3. approving building plans that will support and enhance the educational program

Communication With Public

  1. providing adequate and direct means for keeping the local community informed about the schools
  2. keeping itself informed about the wishes of the public


  1. acting as a court of appeal for school staff members, students, and the public when issues involve board policies and their fair implementation