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Syllabus-Spanish I, Spanish II, History10

Syllabus-Spanish I, Spanish II, History 7, and History 9

Ms. Julie Christensen

Spanish I, Spanish II, History 10

Work - 989.644.3944 ext. 257

Home – 989.828.6898   Cell-989.400.9880

Email – jchristensen@bealcityschools.net




Homework, make-up work and learning are your responsibilities.  Ask for help when you need it.  My number is (989) 828.6898.  My email address is jchristensen@bealcityschools.net.  Please, use these.


Bring all your materials with you to class.  Homework MUST be turned in on time.  I do not accept late homework.


You need to be in the classroom by the time the bell rings.


We are going to be learning about many different cultures, customs and beliefs.  Many of these will be learned from others in our own class.  Be respectful of them.  Use appropriate language at all times.  Encourage one another to share their ideas.


If you come to class prepared, on time, if you are responsible for your actions and you are respectful of others (both in and out of our class), YOU ARE READY TO LEARN.


MATERIALS REQUIRED- Beal City Public Schools provides all necessary materials and supplies for curricular classes.  Parents/Guardians who wish to supplement these materials and supplies for their student in this class may consider purchasing the following:




  • 1 Composition Journal
  • Folder
  • Pencils or pens (blue or black only)
  • Erasers
  • Glue
  •  Dry erase markers
  • Kleenex




  • 3 ring binder w/paper & folder
  • pencils/pen (blue and black ink only)
  • erasers
  • Dry erase markers
  • Textbook cover



All materials are required by Monday, September 09,2019.  If you cannot purchase these materials by this date, please contact me by Friday, September 6, 2019.



Final Marking Period Grade

The marking period letter grade will be determined as follows:


93-100%            A                                           73-76                C

90-92                 A-                                          70-72               C-

87-89                 B+                                          67-69               D+

83-86                 B                                            63-66               D

80-82                 B-                                          60-62               D-

77-79                C+                                          0-59                E


  • Enter the classroom quietly, sharpen pencils, and take out homework.
  • Do the warm-up assignment posted on the board.  This is an individual assignment. 
  • Participate! Participate! Participate!! Learning is a process.  You must be ready to engage and take ownership in your own learning.


  • Copying someone’s work
  • Allowing someone to copy your work
  • Taking information without giving credit to the source

Academic dishonesty is a serious issue.  When you place your name on an assignment, test, or paper, you are saying, with confidence, that you did the work required.


Group work/Partner work

  • All groups and partner activities will have their members assigned by me.
  • All members will be assigned tasks.
  • Allowing one member to complete the task for the group is cheating.
  • Allowing any member to not complete part of the task is cheating.

 “Working together”

As stated before, all assignments which are to be completed with either partners or groups will be assigned by me.  If you are struggling with a concept, it is your responsibility to take action and clarify the problem.


***Asking for help is not cheating.  Asking for answers is!***


***** Your best resource is ME*****


If you have any other questions concerning what does or does not constitute cheating, please let me know.  The handbook policy on cheating as well as plagiarism reads as follows:


  • 1st Offense:  Parent notification by staff member referring.  No credit (a zero) on the test, quiz, or assignment involved which may result in student failing class.  May be suspended 1-3 days out of school.
  • 2nd Offense:  Parent Notification by staff member referring.  May be suspended 3-5 days out of school.


There is also a reference guide to plagiarism and cheating in the Beal City Student Handbook




Additional help:

I will meet with anyone before or after school to assist you with any problems you may be having.



I will dismiss you.  The bell does not.



Passes will not be given out during my class.  Emergencies are always the exception.


Absent students:

When returning from an absence, record the missed assignments from the “homework” book located on my desk.  After recording the assignment, sign the homework book under the assignment.   


Preplanned absence or school fieldtrips / activities

It is your responsibility to get your work before you leave for a field trip, school event, or any preplanned absence.  Let me know, as soon as possible, the dates you will be missing from class.  I will get the materials to you before you leave, as long as I have been given enough notice. 



Make up work will be given to those students who are absent due to suspension.  1/2 Credit will be given for those assignments missed and completed.  Tests and quizzes can be made up and will be given points without deductions.


Extra credit

Extra credit is given to those students who have done all the assignments.  If you did not complete an assignment, but would like extra credit, this is what you must do. 

  1.  Complete the missing or late assignment for NO credit. 
  2. Turn it in.  I will note in my grade book that even though the assignment resulted in a 0, the student did complete the assignment. 
  3. Extra credit will be discussed after the completion of all missing assignments.


For those wishing to earn extra credit in Spanish class, you may come in before or after school and speak with me in Spanish.  You may also arrange times with me if that fits our schedules better.  Questions and answers will all be in Spanish.  This is unlimited, but you must follow the same procedures listed above.  If you do this on a regular basis before tests or quizzes, it will give you a step up on the things you need to work on. 


Don’t be intimidated!  It’s a good review.


Sra. Christensen : ¿Cómo te llamas?

             Student  :  Me llamo Enrique.

Please sign below to indicate that you have read and understand the rules and procedures.  If you have any questions or concerns, I encourage you to contact me at 644-3944. 






Syllabus – History 10, Spanish I, and Spanish II with Mrs. Christensen






                             Student’s first and last name (printed)                                            


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Ms. Christensen