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Aggie Cafe Rules and Handbook Policy



The Aggie Café has a warm, inviting atmosphere for all students. We serve healthy meals with several options in the hope of capturing all the student’s unique food favorites. We follow the Aggie PRIDE Pillars in all that we do: Positive attitude, Respect, Integrity, Determination and Effort. The staff in the Aggie Café are dedicated to your students. We want them to have the best experience possible while enjoying the best meal possible. You can download the Nutrislice app on your phone for our menu options or go to bealcityschools.nutrislice.com to view the whole menu. 


All students have a 5-digit student ID/lunch number that is located on MS/HS class schedules and is the same as the parent access ID for Powerschool. 6-12 grade students will use this at mealtimes or swipe their student picture ID with a barcode. K-5 we will use classroom sales at meal times but parents will use their parent access ID for powerschool number to link their student to online payments for meals.


Meals and prices: 

Breakfast is served daily starting at 7:40 a.m. 

$2.25/full pay



In the event of a delay, breakfast WILL NOT be served. 


Our lunch menu consists of a choice between two entrees, which includes five items from different food groups.  Students may take all five food groups, but must take three of the five including a fruit or vegetable to receive a full lunch     (or)

  • 6th-12th grade students have one main hot option, along with, selecting one of the cold lunch options, such as wraps, salads, or alternate hot options, slice of pizza, bosco sticks etc, which also come with the hot vegetable of the day, fruit and milk. 

  • We are offering what we call “The Meal is the Deal” pricing.  If a student only chooses to take one entrée (such as a piece of pizza), that entree will cost $.50 more than a full lunch, adding a fruit or vegetable will finish that meal.   


$4.00/full pay




Students packing lunch will need to purchase any additional items, I.E. milk, condiments, etc.


How to pay:

You can add lunch money and fill out free/reduced applications on the Family Portal site that is linked to our Meal Magic point of sale system. Efunds is another site used to add money for multiple reasons district wide, including lunch accounts. You will use your parent access ID number from Powerschool to link your student to your account. Another site to add money is efunds. 

Please make sure all balances are kept up to date. 

  • We will accept payments made in cash, check made out to Beal City Schools,  but we encourage online payment when possible:    

https://payments.efundsforschools.com/v3/districts/55260/login or  https://bealcity.familyportal.cloud

Please note: Family Portal does not save your routing number/credit card number. Please double check this every time you add money. If just 1 number is off, it will not go through your bank. There will be a $1.25 fee if the wrong number is used and a $5.00 fee for NSF.

  • No money will be accepted in the lunch line.

  • Students need to turn in money to the drop box stations by 9:15am. 

  • Any credit balances will be carried over to the next school year.

  • All money will be refunded to seniors.

  • Students leaving the district should notify us for a refund.

  • All charges before the application is received and processed must be paid within a week of notification. 



  • Students may charge up to three meals. 

  • All Parents will be contacted by an automatic email system when your child first runs out of money. 

  • A letter will be sent home only to elementary students if they reach their three-charge limit.  

  • If payment is not made and the account brought up to a positive balance the next day, students will be offered an alternate meal. 

  • All charges must be paid by the last day of the current school year. 

  • No charging will be allowed the last 2 weeks of school. 

  • A student cannot charge ala carte items.  

Parental controls can be set to control student spending.