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Beal City Public Schools


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Bus Rules


School bus transportation is provided for most students living within the confines of the school district.


 Whether the student regards riding a school bus a privilege or not, this privilege may be denied to any student for improper conduct while riding the school bus.  The length of this denial may vary from one day to the complete school year, depending on the number of times reported and seriousness of the misconduct.


Proper student conduct is a most important factor in the safe and wholesome operation of a transportation program.  The Board of Education and Administration expect the same level of appropriate student behavior while riding a school bus as they would in the classroom or any public place. 


Therefore, it is of utmost importance that bus drivers , the Director of Transportation, Principal, and parents continually work together to assure the best possible student behavior.


The school bus driver is in charge of the bus at all times when it is in operation and has authority to demand observance of proper student conduct and the school bus rules.  A proper amount of discipline must be maintained on the bus in order to permit the bus driver to maintain adequate composure for the safest operation of the school bus. A rowdy, noisy, and destructive student will not be tolerated by the bus driver or the school administration.  Each driver is given authority to stop the bus to talk with a student who is not conducting himself/herself properly and to report the student to the Director of Transportation and principal.  Proper disciplinary action will be taken against the student and the incident will be recorded on his/her student record.  Repeat offenders will be asked to secure their own transportation to and from school.

The following are some of the basic student bus rules and regulations:

1.    Obey the driver at all times.

2.    Keep hands and head inside the bus at all times.

3.   Maintain a classroom atmosphere, except for ordinary conversation.

4.    Do not shout at passing persons or vehicles.

5.   Occupy the seat assigned by the driver and refrain at all times from moving around while the bus is in motion.

6.    Be at the bus stop ready to board the bus when it arrives.

7.    Stay off the traveled roadway at all times while waiting for the bus.

8.    Wait until the bus has come to a stop before attempting to get on or off.

9.    Enter or leave the bus only at the front door except in case of emergency.

10.  Cross the traveled roadway, if necessary, after leaving the bus in the following manner:

a.  Make sure the bus is stationary.

b.  Upon leaving the bus, go 10 feet to the front of the bus, within sight of the driver and wait for the proper signal for crossing.

c.  Upon signal from the driver, look both to the right and the left, then proceed across the roadway in front of the bus.

d.  Walk, don't run, in front of the bus when crossing the highway.

11. Report to the driver at once any damage to the bus that is observed.

12.  Help keep the bus clean, sanitary, and orderly.  There is to be no drinking on the bus while in operation. The only exception is at a Coach and/or advisor's discretion, and with prior administrative  approval. (For example:  (Stopping at McDonald's) Do not throw things on the bus.                                           

13.  No smoking, fighting,throwing objects, or profanity will be tolerated at any time.                                         

14.  No writing on, marring, or defacing the interior or exterior of the bus.


15.   Students who ride the bus to school will not be permitted to walk or ride any other bus or get off at another stop unless the driver has written permission from parent or guardian.

16.    The bus driver is in charge of the students while they are on the bus and at the bus stops and while loading or unloading students.

17.   Students may be required to walk a   maximum of 1/2 mile (elementary) or one mile (high school).

18.   Radios and tapes are not allowed on the bus unless permission is granted by the principal.

19.   Students who damage the bus will be responsible for restitution for materials damaged and the cost of labor to repair.

20.    Beal City Schools will be using mounted video cameras on busses to assist in monitoring bus behavior.


Misconduct on School Transportation:  When a student violates one or more of the above safety bus rules thereby causing an unsafe and/or disruptive condition, the following disciplinary procedure will be used:

1st Offense:  Bus Misconduct Report will be sent to the office; student may receive at least one day suspension, or Saturday detention, and parents will be notified.

2nd Offense:  The student will be suspended from riding the bus at least three (3) days and up to five(5) days. Bus Misconduct Report filed in the office.


3rd Offense:  Parental conference with Principal, Transportation Director, and Superintendent, if necessary. At that time it will be determined whether penalty is for the rest of the year or not.


Students may receive an immediate three (3) days suspension from the bus and school by the Principal for the following reasons:

1.   Fighting on the bus.

2.   Smoking on the bus or lighting matches or other flammable items.

3.   Complete disrespect for the driver and other passengers--swearing, improper language, or obscene gestures.